How do I choose what products are best for me?

At Opus Gaia™ we know that superior customer service is often times what sets a product, service and company apart. Therefore, we are committed to helping you to make the best possible product choices. Feel free to contact us via telephone or email with your questions.


Are these products natural?

Yes. Opus Gaia™ is committed to the natural marketplace even though it is more costly to produce a product that is of natural origin. We source organic and biodynamic raw materials whenever feasible and focus on overall sustainability.
Our products are gluten free, cruelty free and vegan.


What makes these products different from the countless aromatherapy products on the market?

Opus Gaia™  products are clean and pure. We diligently search the globe to find finest organic and biodynamic essential oils, aromatics and raw materials. We then add gem and flower essences and our trademark energetic infusion to create a line of unparalleled aromatherapy products that promote personal growth, stress relief and overall wellness.


How and when do I use my Opus Gaia™ aromatherapy blends?

Our products can be used numerous ways. Here is a brief outline:

Opus Gaia™ Sprays: Our sprays contain no alcohol, synthetics or preservatives. They may used on the body, in the home, office or car. We recommend beginning and ending your day with your products of choice. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Opus Gaia™ Oils: Our oils are in a base of organic jojoba, which is very nourishing for the skin. They may be used on the body, for massage, in the bath and via inhalation. They are excellent for meditation. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

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