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Opus Gaia™, Global Provider of Innovative Aromatherapy Products to Enhance Personal Wellbeing™, is founded upon the belief that the earth holds, within its abundant resources, the ability to achieve balance and wholeness within the individual.

By creating formulas with aromatics made from plant products around the world, we look to stimulate the senses in a way that awakens the joys and passions of humanity. We pay great attention to green tenets of business and focus on sustainability, opting for organic and biodynamic growing methods whenever possible. With proper planting, growing, harvesting, and distillation techniques, the quintessence of each plant is nurtured and brought forth for proper use. These plants grow to embody their perfection and fulfill their ability to help transform, rejuvenate, and balance the human condition.

Opus Gaia™ stands as the parent company for Adoratherapy™, Trinity Spa Essentials™ as well our core product offering including Clear Away Essential Spray™ and Chakra Balancing Blends™.



Smell Great. Feel Great. Be Great. ADORATHERAPY is considered to be the next evolution of aromatherapy bath, body and home care products. We create products from pure ingredients that support the growing trend toward natural, organic and eco friendly-supporting a healthier environment and a happier, healthier you.
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Trinity Spa Essentials™
Aromatic fusion for the personal and professiona
l spa.™
Includes our traditional spa products designed and formulated to enhance your appreciation for life and the comforts of living in your body. These beautiful scents enhance your love for life, your zest for living, and your enthusiasm for human connection.
Here you’ll find our popular brands:
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Smooth Seas
Smooth Seas
: Aromatherapy for a stress-free life.
These aromatic fusions of exotic fruits and flowers–transformed into luxurious, luscious lotions–blend perfectly for the sensual experiences of massage and bath. Inspired by the tranquil waters of Bermudian Paradise, these products are blended from the all-organic essential oils of Bulgarian, French, and Kasmiri Lavenders as well as Roman Chamomile. Bring the spa experience into your home or massage therapy practice with a sense of calm, stillness, inner peace, and rejuvenation from within. Feel the healing happen as you allow your body and brain to experience these wonderful scents as relaxation throughout your entire body and being!
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Aphrodisia: Live and love passionately.
These aromatic fusions are especially inspired by our need to live more passionately and purposefully. Aphrodisiacs help connect us to our senses with chemical constituents which relax physical tension and stimulate natural desire. When we are living life honestly through our bodies, we remember what it’s like to experience comfort and satisfaction. These formulas, from all-organic sources like jasmine, sandalwood, and rose, connect us with our senses by grounding us and awakening us to our life passions.
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